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Fre 02 jun 2023 12:16

Mid Sweden University is happy to invite you to this PhD course, entitled Advances in tourism consumer behaviour, which is offered to post-graduate students towards the end of the fall semester of 2023. Confirmed teachers are professor Maria Lexhagen, Mid Sweden University, and Associate Professor Serena Volo, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

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Consumer behaviour has a long tradition in tourism research with the terms “travel behaviour” or “tourist behaviour” typically used to describe this area of inquiry. However, research on consumer behaviour in tourism has been criticised in terms of limitations to advancing tourism knowledge based on the pure application of standard concepts and measures from mainstream consumer behaviour literature (often from the marketing field). This course aims to offer students an in-depth understanding of key concepts in tourism consumer behaviour and an outlook of perspectives that address the fragmentation of tourism consumer behaviour as well as proposed future research agendas. Topics within the course relate to concepts, contexts and influencing factors and include aspects such as motivation and decision making, behaviour types and practices, ethical issues, experiences, behavioural antecedents and outcomes, digitalisation, sustainability, and to some extent methodologies.

The course consists of an on-campus part and an online part. The on-campus part consists of lectures and literature seminars, and the on-line part is a presentation and discussion of a written course paper. Required course reading, reference literature as well a list of selected readings (1 paper/student) for approximately 3 seminars is included in the course. After acceptance of registration and well in advance of the start of the course on campus, assignment of readings for seminars will be communicated. This means participants will need to prepare before coming to campus in late November. The course is offered in English and takes place at the Department of Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism at Mid Sweden University (Campus Östersund, Sweden) and online, scheduled for:

  • 27th of November – 1st of December 2023 (on campus)
  • 11-12th of January 2024 (online via zoom)

To register for the course please visit this weblink. Deadline to register is 1st of November 2023. The course will accept a limited number of participants.

Information about the detailed schedule, required reading and preparations will be sent out after the registration deadline.

For further information about the course schedule and content, please contact the course coordinator, Professor Maria Lexhagen at her email adress in this link. There is no fee, but course participants are responsible for their own costs of travel, accommodation and lunches/dinners.

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